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A couple of irrelevant old ladies meet on a routine day while waiting in line at the health clinic and make a life-changing discovery.  By tampering with the pre-ordained death queue determined up above, they can delay their own doom. Instantaneously they form a murderous pact and set out to not only ensure their own survival,  but also to settle some old accounts with those that have overlooked or mistreated them. The bureaucratic catastrophe that they inflict on Death quickly turns into a personal vendetta between them.

Deadine is a black comedy  Stopmotion short created, produced and directed

By Idan Gilboa in WingzOn Animation studio , florentine(Tel-Aviv) 

the script was written by Idan Gilboa and Shahar Fux (winner of draft/skitaza 2016 )

  script Edited By Ido Mymon and Orel Bitan

StoryBoard & Animatic by Amir Porat 

 character designed and  Fabricated  by Idan Gilboa. 

1st Animator :  Tamir Aharoni

 2nd Animator :  Idan Gilboa

Additional animators: Galia Osmo, Renen Adar, Liron Naronsky

Post production co-producer: Galia Osmopo

Post production by Tom Kouris , Or Kanor, Galia Osmo , Ori kagan, Yaron Tzarfati

 Original music by Ben Azar 

Sound design by Eran Barkani

Lighting by Lee Klein

Set/Props assistance : Adva Santo, Galia Osmo, Tamir Aharoni, Tom presman, Tom zaeger,

Or Kantor, Adi Sharon, Michal Fish, salman studio. 
The film was developed with the support of :

The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund At the Jerusalem Development Authority 

and produced with the support of - Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

and Mifaal Hapais cultural fund.

Accompanied by the Israeli Animation Union and  Lawyer Lea Miller Forshtat 

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Making of

making of 

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